At RC Bremer Marketing, we make sure to choose our partners based upon what makes the most sense for our distribution channel and end-users. We invest heavily in our partners to make sure that we have the expertise to properly select and deploy their products.

Industrial / MRO / Construction

Industrial safety has been a focus of our organization since the start. Focusing on these products has enabled us to offer customers the most innovative safety solutions for the industrial and safety workforce.

Fire / Rescue / EMS

Innovation, safety, and reliable are the cornerstones of the fire manufacturers we represent. RC Bremer Marketing utilizes experience, customer requirements, and innovative products to provide a fire safe solution.

Safety Products

Put it simply, Safety first. Our goal is to provide customers with products and resources to keep their employees and contract workers safe and out of hazardous situations. We believe education and the adaptation of safe products are two critical methods we can deploy to help people avoid hazards.

If you would like to learn more about our product offerings, we will send out a detailed pamphlet explaining each product you are interested about.

Interested in R.C. Bremer?

Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions and provide the ultimate assurance and trust before moving forward with a partnership.